OSO-N is a new generation node seismic acquisition unit, it adopt high precision time synchronization, continuous time series collection, and has different configuration for selection. Each unit has functions such as GPS synchronization, high capacity SD card for data storage, system status monitoring. It can be used in engineering exploration, natural earthquake monitoring, passive source monitoring and other methods. The unit support several multi-component sensors input, and can be used in metallic ore, oil, natural gas, groundwater exploration, mining and environmental monitoring.



·High precision continuous time series acquisition

·Suitable for all kinds of seismic methods                    

·Ultra low noise and consumption                                            

·Large capacity SD card storage

·Support to be extended 2 TB SSD storage                                          

·Continuous record 60 days' data                                          

·GPS time synchronization precision 30nS 

·Support mechanical pendulum, velocity and acceleration sensors

·Support network data monitoring

·Up to 10 input channel