Distributed Electromagnetic System

Horn3D is a well-designed time domain IP receiver system, it can be connected to Android phone via WI-FI, and set up rolling acquisition in 1D or 2D mode. The time series data and result can be viewed on phone in real-time. It can also do 3D unmanned collection, the data will be stored in industrial flash in real-time. The whole system is very portable, touch and compact, it can support up to 10 channels, all these features make it is easy to be deployed in complex terrain and areas.




·Real-time quality control

·Real-time view time series and frequency spectrum

·Control acquisition via phone terminal

·Time series is recorded continuously

·High capacity data storage

·GPS time synchronization and positioning

·Continuously work for a long time

·Support multiple synchronization methods

·Support various kinds of device type

·Smart Stacked processing technology

·Bad GPS Working mode

·Distributed host support 3D acquisition

·Support Current recording

·Flexible configuration

·Portable instrument

Size: 270*246*124mm,Weight of 10 channel unit: 3.3kg。