With excellent heat dissipation design, HPM power module could long-time output on full load. The single unit of HPM has two versions, 5KW and 10KW, the modular design make it possible to connect multiple units smartly, same model units can be connected in series, then the output power can reach 5KW-80KW; The input voltage match with 0-2000V voltage sources with any power level, we can use single high power generator or multiple low power generator to supply power for it; The low weight and small size make it easier to take it up to mountains or other area that cars cannot reach, very portable. It has the highest power density among the similar instruments, but the weight and size is less than others’ 1/2.

  HPM high power module series adopt the most advantaged technology. Comparing with other instruments with same power, It has smaller size, and very tough structure, which make it suitable for harsh field work. It has different power    mode selection, the unique DC power supply solution make HPM could offer power supply for any DC input transmitting system, and can be used as DC power supply for any active source geophysical methods.

Model of single unit

HPM‐0540 is 0‐125V adjustable continuously,40A;

HPM‐0520 is 0‐250V adjustable continuously,20A;

HPM‐0510 is 0‐500V adjustable continuously,10A;  

HPM‐1040 is 0‐250V adjustable continuously,40A;

HPM‐1020 is 0‐500V adjustable continuously,20A;

HPM‐1010 is 0‐1000V adjustable continuously,10A;


·Modular design, flexible connection, easy carry;

·Connect same model units in series to increase power and voltage;

·Connect into group, voltage can up to 2000V, current up to 40A;

·Can long-time work on full load in high/low temperature;

·Can choose generator quantity flexible to increase power;

·Single unit has small size and weight, which is 1/2 of similar unit.

·Accept custom-made specifications, manufacture other voltage/current/power units efficiently;


Input voltage: 220VAC 50Hz/60Hz single phase

Output voltage: 0-125/250/500/1000V adjustable continuously

Output current: 0-40A/20A/10A continuously

Input power: 10KW/20KW(can long-time work on full load)

Power supply: One set of 10KW generator or two sets of 5KW generator

Protection: Overcurrent, break, overload, overheat

Applicable methods: All active source geophysical methods

Working humidity: 30%‐70%

Working temperature: ‐20℃~+70℃

Storage temperature:‐40℃~+80℃

HPM05XX (5KW model)

HPM Size: 37.1cm*25.8 cm *15.2 cm

Net weight: 10.0kg

Transport case: 60cm*22cm*37cm

Total weight(HPM+case):20.0kg

HPM10XX(10KW model)

HPM Size: 50.2cm*40 cm *18.8 cm

Net weight: 22.0kg

Transport case:72cm*26cm*47cm

Total weight (HPM+case): 37.0k