SPP-400 is a new generation of DC power supply with lithium battery.it is portable and has a ultra-large capacity. It can provide eight selectable output voltages from 50v to 400v, which can satisfy various kinds of requirements.









·Ultra large capacity, more portable

·Multi-grade selectable output

·Sealed case and robust

·Overcurrent and Over-discharge protection

·Display output Voltage

·Easy operating and charging

·Ability to link 2 SPP to double power 800V


·Nominal voltage:400V

·Max voltage:450V

(50V,100V,150V,200V,250V  300V,350V,400V selectable)

·Max output current:3A


·Charge voltage:58.8V@2A

·Output mode:DC output,4mm red black terminal and aviation plug output

·Working temperature:-10~+60 ℃



·Battery type: Lithium battery

·Battery life:

   After 500 repeated charge and discharge, capacity is reduced to 60%